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UP-Series Bidirectional Knife Gate Valve (Handwheel)

Hiton’s UP-Series knife gate valve is a bi-directional valve deals with the flow in both directions while offering 0 leakage. U–shape peripheral seat design ensures full-port flow and non-clogging shutoff.  It is suitable for media such as pulp stock, chemicals, sludge, biomass, slurry and water.


  • Integral body structure design minimizes the possibility of shell leakage.
  • Cavity free bore prevents any particle accumulation in the valve body.


  • Beveled knife edge contributes to intensive shear stress, which makes the gate cut through media easily.
  • Gate thickness can be customized according to customer’s requirement.


  • U-shaped elastomer seat provides a peripheral seal along the edge of the gate. This non-cavity design eliminates any media accumulation in valve bore.
  • The U-shape design ensures a tight seal in both flow directions.