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The very first to obtain the KIWA/Gastec approval KE 208

MULTI/JOINT® 3000 Plus wide range restraint fittings
now KIWA certified for gas!


When installing a wide range
restraint fitting in your gas
distribution network, you
want the fitting to be
officially certified for gas.
As the very first in the industry, our
MULTI/JOINT® 3000 Plus received the Gastec
KE 208 certificate of KIWA. Therefore the
MULTI/JOINT® is the number one in gas!
Wide range restraint fittings only
approved for water
For many years, Dutch gas companies allowed
the use of wide range restraint fittings, which
were only approved for water, in their gas
distribution network, in combination with
specific material certifications. An actual
product standard for these fittings in gas was
never initiated, until 2017.

The beginning of the KE 208
In 2017, KIWA/Gastec, the leading gas
companies in the Netherlands and several
wide range fitting producers, drew up a new
standard for wide range restraint fittings for
gas applications: KE 208. This new standard
clearly defines the various requirements,
such as material specifications and pressure
ratings, in order to guarantee a longterm safe
and reliable functioning in gas networks.
KIWA KE 208 Certificate
With great pleasure we inform you that the
MULTI/JOINT® 3000 Plus is the first in the
industry to be KE 208 certified! For both
KIWA/Gastec and Georg Fischer Waga N.V.,
this certificate was a very important