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NP-Series Unidirectional Knife Gate Valve (Handwheel)

The through conduit knife gate valve is a bi-directional wafer knife gate valve. It is mainly designed for highly concentrated flow media. With a through going O-port plate, this valve provides a stable and safe shut-off performance without clogging. With double-seat design, it can handle flow in both directions.


  • Integral body or split body design according to customer’s request.
  • Packing at both body sides eliminates leakage to the surrounding.


  • The slide plate is an integral part with an O-port. It can easily cut through the media during on-off operation.
  • The slide plate is ground smoothly on both sides to eliminate adhesion and clogging.
  • On request, the thickness of the knife gate valves gate can be increased for higher operating pressures.


  • With seats on both sides, the valve can handle flow in both directions.
  • The side-entry design makes seat replaceable, save cost for maintenance.
  • The seat retainer prevents flow from flushing seat.